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Produced as a multi media piece for Dangerous Women 2 this painting was on exhibit at Mercer Gallery, Located at Mercer County Community College, New Jersey.
Prior to Dangerous Women 2 my work appeared in Color Theories with artists: Jeanne Calo, Marie Sturken and Graziella Smith
I used the theme from "Good Ship Lollipop" ( a Ford Tri-Motor airplane) as background for a painting of Betty Boop. Mae supplied the voice for Betty as well as other film and radio characters. The recording by Mae of "The Good Ship Lollipop" sold one million copies. Shirley Temple never made a recording of the song she sung in the movie.

Prices for this painting and 8 x 10 color reproductions are available on request.

Betty Boop
Mae Questel as Betty Boop
Oil on Board
16 x 20