I usually return to life drawing to energize myself. There is nothing to compare with the human form and face for a brief look at humanity.
Thanks to the open studio zooms at the ARTS STUDENTS LEAGUE in New York City I have been able to keep up the practice in this age of Covid. This sketch was done on canvas paper with burnt sienna and turpentine.

Betty Curtiss, Fine Artist

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Paintings are placed in categories ranging from foreign Journalists to Still Life paintings of fish, fruit and flowers. Enjoy searching the different subjects I have found to paint.

AND IN ADDITION: .. Zhang Zhan traveled to Wuhan to interview local people about the new virus. She dug into the story and the result is 6 years in jail. . This small list includes: Austin Tice, (held prisoner) and numerous other members of the press still actively covering the news along with those missing and killed. It is with the heaviest heart that I add Kamal's name, Please read about them..AND ......also see my latest works of figures from literature. Billy Budd. And some work honoring the late composer Stephen Sondheim

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