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"The Woods" One of a series of paintings based on the musical "In To The Woods" by Stephen Sondheim. From the upcoming exhibit featuring
art +10 artists. ART SPEAKS

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Still Life paintings.
Still life painting. is a honored tradition for fine artists. ." The oldest known still-lifes are the ancient Egyptian--frescoes of figs for the afterlife. And so it continues from Caravaggio's grapes to Cezanne's apples "*
* The New Yorker Magazine 02/10/20

Check PEOPLE PLACES AND THINGS for the first and second sketches of LITTLE GREEN MEN (The name the Ukrainians gave to the invading Russian Army) .

NY Times delclares Yellow Orchid found in New York
Oil on Canvas
30 x 20
real cigarettes are still with us
Oil on Canvas
30 x 20
D and R Greenway a show with Native NJ plants in November
Oil on Canvas
Farm to Table  a small urban  working fram
oil on canvas
9 x 12
Still Life With Daikon Radishes
Oil on Board
18 x 24
Belgian Blue
oil on canvas

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Paintings are placed in categories ranging from foreign correspondents to Still Life paintings of fish, fruit and flowers. Enjoy searching the different subjects I have found to paint.

AND IN ADDITION: Jamal Khashoggi Journalist and US Green Card holder was brutally murdered.( According to Turkish officials ) October 2nd when he entered the Saudi Consulate. I have added him to the list of Journalists . This small list includes: Austin Tice, (held prisoner) and numerous other members of the press still actively covering the news along with those missing and killed. It is with the heaviest heart that I add Kamal's name, Please read about them..AND ......also see my latest works of figures from literature. Just completed Billy Budd.

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