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I occasionally work in pen, ink and charcoal. This gives me the opportunity to create immediate impressions...of course with pen and ink there is no erasing!. So the line or stroke you put on the paper is there and can not be removed.

I especially like working with a model with charcoal while they pose for 2 or 3 minutes. This really is not unlike cows in a have to be quick.

I have included them because I think they are an important part of my work.
Of course they are for sale. Price upon request

Gestural poses
charcoal on paper
Picasso like figure
Charcoal on paper
9 x 20
nude figure
Charcoal on Paper
24 x 18
nude male
Charcoal on paper
Charcoal Drawings
Charcoal, ink.pen.and reed pen
18 x 27 piece
Posing Models
Charcoal, pen, reed pen and ink
18 x 27